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Carl Zeiss Vision is a leading brand in the lens industry with a history of more than 170 years in various engineering fields. Due to its high performance, it has gained trust in a wide range of fields, from astronaut masks and Google Earth cameras, to Nobel Prize-winning scholars to camera lenses in Hollywood movies. SABRE has been using the Carl Zeiss Vision since 2013 to provide lenses that have undergone a proprietary test that combines advanced protection against sunlight and ultimately clear visibility.


Strong UV light is very dangerous not only for the skin but also for the eyes, and is known to cause various eye diseases including cataracts.
You don't need to know the details about those diseases, but just remember to wear your SABRE eyewear to protect your eyes. All lenses, including clear lenses, have industry-standard 100% UV protection.


The five-barrel hinge by Italian company Visottica has a consistent design. Visottica's five-barrel hinges feature exceptional durability and unprecedented smooth movement, and have become world-renowned by many celebrity and luxury brands.


All SABRE frames are cut out one by one from a material called acetate, and all operations involving dozens of items, such as bending, polishing and assembling, are performed manually by professional craftsmen. SABRE eyewear's greatest appeal is the fusion of the frame, which is finished with the uttermost attention to detail and unique design.