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Tijuana Toothjob

Ben Rice A.K.A Tijuana Toothjob has been a part of Sabre from the original days as one of the first Snow team riders, he now focus his time behind the lens and takes us back to the early days as well as the trials and tribulations of the photography world these days. Find more of Ben at @Tijuana_Toothjob 
Q: Who is Tijuana Toothjob?
A: Ben Rice, just some guy who lives in L.A.
Q:Tell us about Sabre back in the day
A: Not your average eyewear brand. They sponsored really cool skaters, snowboarders and musicians.
Q: How were you involved in Sabre back then?
A: Well, at one point I was riding for Sabre on their snow team and actually I think we might have been the first snow team they had.
Q. What do you do as an artist?
A: Mostly I try to capture light by taking pictures.  
Q: What push your buttons in the photo world?
A: I, personally, dont dig images that look too forced or staged.
Q: Has social media changed photography?
A: of course, social media has changed everything. Just made everyone an artist and a critic. 
Q: Strangest experience on the job?
A: When you end up in the shoot.
Q: Outside of photography who have been your main influences and why?
A: My friends, my mistakes. My friends do cool shit all the time without trying and as far as my mistakes, I can now see the beauty in them.
Q: What recent purchases at the record store
A: Gold Star - Big Blue 
     L.A. Witch -  L.A. Witch
     Emotional - The Band
Q: Where can we see more of you?
A: In L.A. Record Magazine or
Model: @pastelpurge
Photos:  Tijuana Toothjob

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